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What to think about when purchasing a king size bed

In South Africa, how much does a king-size bed cost?

At Ascot Beds, we are most concerned about the quality and service of our clients. Yes, you may be able to find beds for less money, but the quality will be lower. Simply because it is the largest size, the King Size base sets at Ascot Beds are the priciest beds in our selection. Our collection of King Beds includes the following:

  • Perfect Collection Hip Zone Pillow Flex Base Set
    • 5 Turn Double Off set spring with limited partner movement.
    • Latex foam layer & Memory foam layer cushioned top.
    • Imported Belgium knitted fabric – Zoned quilted.
    • Medium Feel.
    • For R13,650
  • Perfect Collection Hip Zone Firm Base Set
    • 5 Turn Double Offset spring with limited partner movement.
    • Latex foam layer & Memory foam layer.
    • Imported Belgium knitted fabric – Zoned quilted.
    • Firm Feel.
    • No turn mattress.
    • Hygiene Vented for continuous air circulation.
    • For R12,600
  • Milano Pillow Top Base Set
    • We use the Trusted and Durable Bonnell spring unit.
    • For a Medium Plush Comfort feel, we use a combination of Foam comfort layers and a soft knitted fabric combined into a pillow top.
    • Fitted with Side Support.
    • For R8,370
  • Noble Collection Marquess Double Sided Base Set
    • Zoned Nested Pocket spring with limited partner movement.
    • Zoned high-density foam layer.
    • Imported German knitted fabric.
    • Foam encased for a stronger edge.
    • Double-sided mattress.
    • Firm back and stomach support.
    • For R19,350
  • Noble Collection Baron Base Set
    • Luxurious comfort layer including Gel memory & latex foam – soft touch.
    • No partner movement.
    • No springs in the mattress
    • Imported German knitted fabric – quality knitted stretch fabric
    • For R20,950
  • Noble Collection Grand Duchess Base Set
    • Pocket spring with limited partner movement.
    • Luxurious High-density latex foam layer with remarkable resilience & recovery.
    • Imported German knitted fabric.
    • For R19,000
  • Hospitality Range Maximus Base Set
    • Foam layered with limited partner movement.
    • Knitted fabric.
    • Medium-Firm Feel.
    • For R16,650
  • Dual Comfort Base Set
    • Bonnell spring unit.
    • Firm Feel.
    • For R8,400
  • Cloud Nine Camden Base Set
    • Luxurious comfort layer with Cool Blue Gel
    • Heavy duty Foam layered.
    • No partner movement.
    • No springs in the mattress
    • Firm edge support.
    • For R15,380

What is the lifetime of a king-sized mattress?

King-size beds are thought to last 7 to 10 years on average, but at Ascot Beds, we go above and beyond. We aim for client satisfaction, and part of that is a durable bed. We provide longer warranties in addition to longer guarantees since we are so confident in our products. If you don’t believe us, have a look at Cloud Nine Neuroflex Base Set and see for yourself that it has a 25 year service warranty in addition to a 2 year guarantee. Although 9 years may seem like a long time, we are more than confident that this will last you a lot longer than you anticipate thanks to the heavy-duty foam layered mattress, firm edge support, and a medium feel no turn quality.

How large of a space is needed for a king bed?

Although it may sound strange, this question is asked much more frequently than you may imagine. You should always take into account the actual dimensions and measurements of a King Size while buying one. Because, let’s face it, what good is a bed if you can’t watch TV on one of our plush beds? You would need enough space around the bed to move about comfortably and to fit other objects in your room, like a television. Fortunately, Ascot Beds offers all bed sizes, not just the size of the mattress but also the weight of the entire bed set. When acquiring King Size beds, it is much simpler to prepare ahead when you have precise measurements like these.

Is a King Bed better than a Queen Bed?

It’s possible to have a lengthy discussion about which size is preferable, but in the end, it all boils down to the preferences of the clients. The King Size is larger even though both are large bed sizes and are ranked in the same order in the bed size family, as indicated by their names. Since the King Size is really broader than the Queen Size, it allows the sleeper more room to move around while they are dozing off since, let’s face it, everyone gets a little crazy while they are asleep. Ascot Beds demonstrates this in their products by supplying the accurate and exact specifications of their beds. When comparing the Bamboo Spine Rite Base Set Queen Size with the Cloud Nine Classic Base Set, you will notice the variation in sizes, hence the difference in prices.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some or most of the information you needed to know about buying a king-size bed. Feel free to contact us if you still have questions, or even stop by one of our physical showrooms in Alberton or Meadowdale.

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