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6 Tips On How To Care For Your Mattress


Base and Mattress Set Up

Start your sleeping journey off correctly by ensuring that your new mattress is set up correctly. Ascot Beds and furniture recommends using an in-house delivery team, as they will know how to insert the base feet and ensure that the base is sturdy. Once the base is checked the mattress will be opened and placed on top. If you prefer collecting, ask tips instore on how to care for your mattress. We always recommend buying a mattress protector with your bed.


2. Bedframe Checklist

If you are only investing in a new mattress, always check your current base or bed frame. If you are using a bed frame, see if the frame is using chipboard or slats. This will help the sales consultant as to what type of mattress can be used on the frame. For example, a foam mattress will always want a slatted foundation to breathe whereas a pocket spring mattress needs a full board for the best support. Should you have a double, queen or king-size bed frame, make sure the frame has strong center supports to prevent the mattress from dipping in the center.


3. Mattress Protector Cover

Once the bed is set up, Ascot Beds and Furniture recommends, covering the mattress with good quality, waterproof mattress protector. A bed is one of the most used items in your home and daily faces the chances of spills, leaks, and stains. Common stains are normally perspiration marks, child-wetting, adult inconsistency, and tea or coffee spills. Not only does a stain or spills void your guarantee and warranty from the manufacturer, but it creates a breeding ground for dust mites, bedbugs, and bacteria.

A manufacturer also recommends vacuuming your mattress to clean off any dust-mites or dry skin cells. Should you have a spill or stain on the mattress, make use of professional cleaners to dry clean the mattress and remove the stains. Excessive water might damage the mattress when cleaning it. A mattress protector is the most important tip we can give you of how to care for your mattress. Click here to see our waterproof mattress protectors.

4. Electric Blanket

If you are considering using an electric blanket, always ask before you purchase if the mattress will be compatible. The electric blanket will change the comfort of certain mattresses. For example, a memory foam mattress will feel softer with the heat applied. The heat will also damage some foam textures with constant use. Never sleep with your electric blanket switched on all through the night

5. Rotation Of Your New Mattress

Rotate your mattress as per supplier instruction. This is very important to balance the wear and tear on the mattress, especially with two different weights. Most mattresses today are no-turn or flip mattresses, which means you just need to rotate the mattress head to toe. Flip or turn over mattress will need to be turned head to toe one month and completely flipped over the next.

6. Edge Supports

Your mattress will have a side support structure or system. To prevent the sides of the mattress from sagging, we will advise you to not sit on the edges of the mattress, as the mattress is not made to take all the weight on one spot. When laying down, your weight is distributed over the mattress for optimal support.
Do not allow children to jump on your mattress and base. This could damage the insides of the mattress or base and not be covered under the guarantee or warranty due to being customer abuse.
Visit Ascot Beds and Furniture to assist you with investing in the correct base and mattress for comfortable and healthy sleep. If you are unsure of how to care for your mattress, then visit an Ascot Beds store and our salespeople will always be happy to help or give us a call and we will give you free advice.

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